My Purpose

One thing am I able to do, and that is to understand my purpose for being on this planet. I began to understand this on January 13, 2009. I have spent the past seven years walking in what I believe is THAT purpose. Maybe I’m not yet as experienced as I should be, but I press on daily.

The focus of my purpose is God – walking with Him daily, reading His Word, talking with Him, sharing His love, grace, mercy, encouragement, etc., fellowshipping with His children, as well as those not yet His. My purpose, as I see it, is to be an encourager, a helper, sharing His testimony that He gave me about all He’s done in my life, the most important part being that He gave me a reason for living when I was at my lowest point. Not that I was contemplating suicide, not me. Too chicken to hurt myself. Yet I was slowly killing myself with bad choices that led to a prison term.

And that is where He pulled me out of my despair and took the scales from my eyes. Revelation is a powerful thing! He took the weight of my sin and shame off my back like it was a heavy pack, weighing me down. He also removed the obsession to practice the old behaviors – many of which were associated to how I went to prison. I am so blessed! I was finally alive! (more later)

My Purpose (continued)

*originally posted January 11, 2016 as the About page*


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